Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine which home care attendant to place in our home?

A free in-home assessment is conducted to evaluate our client’s need and to match caregiver expertise before placing in the home.

Do you accept Long Term Care Insurance?

We provide the information your insurance company requires to make payment directy to you.

What types of payment do you accept?

MeliCor accepts checks and on-line payments.

How often do you bill?

Invoices are sent every week. Payment is due on receipt.

What types of service do you offer?

We offer hourly (minimum of 4 hours) and live-in 24 hour daily service pending on our clients need.

What if we do not like the caregiver currently assigned?

Simply contact MeliCor at any time. We will work with you to place a caregiver that you feel comfortable with.

What is your area of service?

MeliCor serves the San Francisco Bay Area.

What if I only need companionship for one time use like doctor appointment or event?

MeliCor is happy to match a caregiver to accompany or drive you to any appointment/event pending your specific needs.

During his last month, we relied on MeliCor, both owner Melissa and our Dad’s caregiver, for support and kindness to Dad and to our family. Their presence in our lives was very important and reassuring, and we are very grateful to them.

Claudia C. and Family

Novato, CA

Free in-Home Assessment

In-Home Assessment is a complete comprehensive evaluation conducted by a Registered Nurse of the home and environment. We cater to individual needs of each client to determine our role and to place the appropriate home care attendant.